The Maryland League of Conservation Voters has endorsed Wes Moore as the Democratic candidate for Maryland Governor in the 2022 state primary.

“Wes Moore has developed a strong climate platform that includes a clear commitment to addressing environmental justice,” said Kim Coble, executive director of Maryland LCV. “At a time of deep political division and cynicism, Wes has also shown a remarkable ability to inspire Marylanders on all sides of the political spectrum. Those skills are essential to meeting the environmental challenges confronting our state.

“Maryland LCV proudly endorses Wes Moore for Governor and will urge environmental voters statewide to vote for him in the Democratic primary,” Coble said.

In response to the Maryland LCV endorsement, Wes Moore said: “The Maryland League of Conservation Voters has an unparalleled track record bringing together community and political leaders to address the climate crisis. As governor, I will be their passionate partner to re-establish Maryland as a national leader, tackle environmental injustice, and take the urgent and aggressive actions the climate crisis demands. I am honored and humbled to have their support.”

The organization said three gubernatorial candidates in particular – Wes Moore, John King and Tom Perez – stood out for their commitment to conservation, climate action, and environmental justice.

“The selection of a candidate to endorse for Governor was challenging given the caliber of candidates in this year’s election, and Marylanders should be pleased that there are excellent candidates to choose from to advance strong climate and justice priorities for the state,” said Lynn Heller, chair of the Maryland LCV board of directors.

“Although Tom Perez, John King and Wes Moore are all well-qualified to champion environmental policy and take positive action, Moore stands out for his vision and as the candidate who is most committed to addressing generations of environmental inequity,” she added.

Coble said Moore’s approach to governance is based on the premise that “the people closest to the challenge are closest to the solution.” He is committed to ensuring that the public and private sectors work together to confront the major environmental issues facing Maryland, with a particular focus on climate change.

Moore has significant experience in the business, nonprofit and philanthropic sectors and in the military, which has offered him opportunities to work with government agencies from different vantage points.

He is backed by leaders within the Maryland General Assembly, including four standing committee chairs, a committee vice chair, and the Speaker of the House and House Majority Leader, who are committed to working with a Moore Administration to achieve their shared vision.

“Maryland LCV is proud to add our name to that list,” said Coble.

Before each state election, the Maryland LCV board of directors and staff evaluate comprehensive questionnaires and conduct thorough interviews with candidates for statewide office, including comptroller, attorney general, and governor.

In the 2022 primary and general elections, Maryland LCV will once again campaign to elect pro-conservation candidates.

Maryland LCV will release more endorsements in coming weeks. Follow us on social media @MDLCV and the hashtag #MDLCVEndorsed for up-to-date environmental endorsements.