Maryland League of Conservation Voters (Maryland LCV) educates and activates people to take equitable and just political actions for clean water, healthy air and climate-resilient communities. 


We are a state-wide, nonpartisan organization that uses political action and education to protect our air, land, water and communities. We are the leading legislative watchdog in Annapolis, advocating for smart and effective environmental policies and holding elected officials accountable for their votes through our scorecards. We work to get people elected that are committed to improving Maryland’s environment.  Maryland LCV has been a part of nearly every major state environmental policy accomplishment since our founding in 1979.
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Nothing is more important than protecting the air we breathe, the water we drink and the land on which we live. And currently, the climate crisis is a significant threat to the environment and our welfare. Environmental issues are too often minimized or marginalized. We are working to ensure a healthy future for Maryland’s communities, neighborhoods, and families.
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We endorse and work to elect pro-conservation candidates. Once elected, we hold them accountable through our annual scorecards and report cards. We advocate for smart and effective environmental policies that benefit Maryland families and communities. Our record of success has made us the trusted voice for the environment in Maryland’s political landscape.
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Maryland LCV is best known for our comprehensive yearly scorecard that evaluates and reports on the votes of individual state legislators on key environmental bills.  Additionally, on a bi-annual basis, Maryland LCV evaluates and reports on the Governor’s environmental record. We also closely monitor key actions of state agencies and executive appointments.


We  work with our colleagues in the environmental community to push for sound conservation laws such as the 2013 Offshore Wind Act, the septics tier map, 2019 Clean Energy Jobs Act, the 2017 Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing, and the 2016 Ban of Neonicotinoid Pesticides, to name but a few. Each year, we ensure that environmental values are reflected in the state’s budget priorities and have worked to retain  millions of dollars of funding for land conservation through Program Open Space. We educate and mobilize the public to lobby for sound conservation policies and funding.


During Maryland’s statewide elections, we endorse  environmental candidates, run strategic campaigns aimed at electing pro-conservation candidates, mobilize volunteers, educate voters, and elevate environmental issues. In 2018, 86% of Maryland LCV-endorsed candidates won their election.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

Maryland League of Conservation Voters embraces diversity, equity, inclusion, and racial justice. We view these pillars as crucial to building healthy environments for everyone in Maryland. We are committed to supporting and amplifying a diverse and inclusive environmental movement by:

  • Intentionally building our organizational capacity and nurturing external partnerships that represent the diversity in Maryland, including constituencies most disproportionately impacted by climate change and environmental injustices to achieve this vision of inclusivity;
  • Advancing an equitable and just climate change policy agenda;
  • Using our voices to fight systemic racism and ensure fair treatment and equitable environmental opportunities and outcomes;
  • Supporting the power of Black and Brown people and disadvantaged communities to meaningfully address environmental burdens and injustices;
  • Advocating for access to clean air and water, and safe and healthy communities;
  • Enlisting and supporting diverse candidates running for public office and elected officials who share our diversity, equity, inclusion, and racial justice ideals and are passionate about advancing them.


We depend upon the generous support of conservation-minded individuals like you. Help strengthen the political voice of Maryland’s environment, ensuring our elected officials are as concerned about preserving Maryland’s quality of life as you are!