Statement from Maryland LCV on Sec. Buttigieg’s Visit to Baltimore Port

Tomorrow (Thursday July 29), Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg will visit the Port of Baltimore to discuss the importance of federal infrastructure investments. Maryland LCV released the following statement in support of the visit. 

“Secretary Buttigieg’s visit to the Port of Baltimore illustrates the crucial role the bipartisan infrastructure plan will play in creating jobs for our communities, with a forward-looking focus on clean energy solutions and environmental justice,” said Maryland LCV Executive Director Kim Coble. “The plan will also ensure modernizing the Port, as well as our highways and transportation systems.”

“Maryland is fortunate to have strong elected representatives, including Senators Cardin and Van Hollen and Representatives Hoyer and Raskin, that support the Biden Administration’s plan to create equitable economic opportunities while also fighting climate change.”

“We are especially grateful to have the Secretary of Transportation in Baltimore drawing attention to the transportation infrastructure problems in Baltimore and elevating the need for a legislative override of Governor Hogan’s veto of the Transit Safety and Investment Act.”


Maryland LCV is known for educating lawmakers and holding them accountable for their leadership and votes on key environmental issues. Their annual scorecard, along with other reports, help inform voters about their legislators’ records.