IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 16, 2023

Maryland LCV Responds to Maryland’s Climate Pathway Report: Advocates for a Robust Clean Energy Future

Advocating for a sustainable and equitable future, Maryland League of Conservation Voters (Maryland LCV) responds to the state’s climate roadmap as outlined in the Climate Pathway report. The report echoes Maryland LCV’s enduring commitment to achieving a clean energy future that is both inclusive and beneficial to everyone in Maryland.

The Climate Pathway report, in alignment with the Climate Solutions Now Act (CSNA) of 2022,  models policies to meet the state’s ambitious targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 60% by 2031. A core building block of this initiative is the adoption of a 100% clean energy framework, which is strongly supported by Maryland LCV.

“The renewed narrative of Maryland’s clean energy future is not only a testament to our state’s leadership on climate change but a commitment to clean energy projects,” said Kim Coble, Executive Director of Maryland LCV. “Embracing a 100% clean energy framework is not simply a policy stance, but a bold declaration of our shared values and a step closer to a healthier, greener Maryland.” 

Among the recommendations from Maryland LCV, significant emphasis is placed on aggressive actions in the transportation and electricity sectors, as together those sectors contribute more than half of the state’s emissions. The recommendations also underscore the need to build justice and equity into climate planning, including implementing the Justice 40 initiative across sectors, an effort to deliver at least 40% of state funding to overburdened and underserved communities. 

“It’s clear that strategic planning combined with strong public and private sector engagement can propel Maryland toward its clean energy goals,” said Rebecca Rehr, Director of Climate Policy and Justice at Maryland LCV. “Our recommendations are designed to support the state in achieving the state’s climate targets set forth in the Climate Solutions Now Act. By focusing on key sectors such as transportation and electricity we are setting the stage for a sustainable and equitable clean energy future.” 

While Maryland LCV applauds the state’s ambitious targets to reduce emissions and achieve net-zero by 2045, it also emphasizes the need for a comprehensive framework to propel progress in the transportation and electricity sectors. A key priority of Maryland LCV is achieving 100% Clean Energy by 2035. This is a goal that encapsulates not only the transition to clean energy but also the broader impacts on economic opportunities, public health, and climate resilience, especially for those communities most affected by pollution. A detailed roadmap is crucial, with clear strategies to realize a fivefold increase in wind and solar generation and encompass clear targets to build clean energy programs. This vision for a clean energy transition aims to significantly reduce the negative health and climate impacts throughout Maryland. 

Maryland LCV’s full response to the Climate Pathway Report can be found here. As the organization continues to advocate for proactive climate policies, it encourages individuals to stay informed and engaged by signing up for its mailing list


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