Maryland LCV Remains Committed to Offshore Wind Energy as a Critical Source for the State’s Clean Energy Future

Annapolis, MD – In response to Ørsted’s recent decision to strategically adjust the Skipjack Wind project in Maryland, the Maryland League of Conservation Voters (Maryland LCV) reaffirms its commitment to advancing offshore wind as a critical source of clean energy for Maryland. This announcement by Ørsted does not weaken our resolve to work towards a sustainable, clean energy future for our state.

“Maryland LCV is disheartened to learn of Ørsted’s decision to withdraw from the Maryland Public Service Commission’s Offshore Wind Renewable Energy Credits [ORECS] for the Skipjack 1 and 2 projects,” states Kim Coble, Executive Director of Maryland LCV. “Offshore wind projects are needed to advance Maryland’s transition to clean energy, improve air quality, and create good-paying jobs for Marylanders.”

However, Maryland LCV recognizes the broader context of this development. “The challenges noted by Ørsted, including economic factors and supply chain issues, are achievable with collaborative effort and strong policy support,” said Coble. “Clean energy’s future in our state remains bright, and we stand ready to work with developers, state officials, and other stakeholders to navigate these challenges.”

Maryland LCV emphasizes the importance of continued support for clean energy initiatives. “Despite this setback, we are determined that offshore wind plays a critical role in Maryland’s and the broader Mid-Atlantic region’s climate strategy,” said Coble. “Maryland’s leadership in climate action remains strong, and we will continue to advocate for investments and policies that drive our state towards 100% clean energy by 2035.”

“We are heartened that Ørsted remains committed to developing Skipjack Wind and are preparing the project’s construction and operations plan for submission to federal permitting agencies in the future,” said Coble. The organization calls upon Maryland’s residents, policymakers, and businesses to continue to support clean energy projects. “Let’s use this moment as a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and action. Together, we can overcome obstacles and ensure that Maryland leads in the transition to a clean energy economy.”

About Maryland LCV:
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