Maryland LCV Responds to Supreme Court Ruling Overturning Chevron Doctrine

Maryland LCV is deeply concerned over the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Chevron deference. While we remain committed to passing and enforcing strong climate laws in Maryland, this ruling raises questions about potential impacts on state-level environmental regulations. As we continue to champion Maryland’s ability to protect its environment and public health, we are closely monitoring how this decision might affect our state’s regulatory authority. Our focus remains on ensuring that Maryland can pass and enforce laws that advance clean water and healthy air, and support climate-resilient communities.

“While we are deeply disappointed over the Supreme Court’s ruling, Maryland LCV remains focused on our mission to pass and enforce strong climate laws in our state. We are closely watching to understand how this ruling might impact Maryland’s ability to regulate its own environmental standards. Regardless of federal-level changes, we will continue to work tirelessly with our state legislators and agencies to ensure that Maryland remains a leader in environmental protection and climate action.”

Despite challenges at the federal level, we’re encouraged by Maryland’s continued progress on climate action. As of today, several important environmental laws are going into effect in our state. These new measures represent significant steps forward in addressing climate resilience, promoting environmental justice, and enhancing our state’s ability to protect its natural resources. They demonstrate Maryland’s unwavering commitment to environmental protection and climate action, even in the face of federal setbacks. These positive developments reinforce our belief that state-level initiatives can make a real difference in creating a more sustainable future for all Marylanders. Maryland LCV will continue to advocate for and support such progressive environmental legislation at the state level.