Maryland LCV Celebrates Governor Moore’s Commitment of $90 Million for Climate Plan Implementation

Annapolis, MD, January 17, 2024 – In a significant step towards advancing Maryland’s climate goals, Governor Wes Moore’s administration has included $90 million in the state budget for the implementation of the recently released Climate Pollution Reduction Plan. Maryland League of Conservation Voters (Maryland LCV) applauds this action as an indication of the Governor’s commitment to fight climate change.

The recent allocation by Governor Moore is seen as an initial investment towards comprehensive and effective implementation of the Climate Plan. “This $90 million is a down payment on Maryland’s future, showing the Governor’s commitment to addressing climate change and environmental justice,” stated Kim Coble, Executive Director of Maryland LCV. “The Climate Pollution Reduction Plan set ambitious targets, and this funding is a tangible step towards achieving them.”

Maryland LCV acknowledges that, while the Plan was recently introduced, the prompt allocation of funds demonstrates the administration’s dedication to climate solutions. “We are eager to collaborate with Governor Moore’s administration in identifying additional, sustainable funding sources that will ensure the longevity and success of our state’s climate initiatives,” added Coble.

Signifying the benefits of such investments, Coble remarked, “Investing in climate solutions is not just about safeguarding our environment. It’s about high returns on investing in this plan, which includes creating jobs, improving public health, and ensuring that no community is left behind in Maryland’s transition to a sustainable future.”

Maryland LCV remains committed to working alongside the Moore Administration and state leaders to ensure that these funds are allocated effectively and equitably. “Today’s announcement is a promising sign of Maryland’s leadership in climate action, and we look forward to continued progress in our state’s journey towards a sustainable and equitable future,” concluded Coble.

The Maryland LCV will continue its advocacy and partnership with the administration and the General Assembly to realize a fully funded and effective climate strategy that benefits all Marylanders.

About Maryland LCV:

The Maryland League of Conservation Voters educates and activates people to take equitable and just political actions for clean water, healthy air and climate-resilient communities.