April 27, 2018        Contact: Kristen Harbeson, Political Director kharbeson@mdlcv.org  cell: 410 952 8100

Maryland LCV Announces Fifth Round of Primary Election Endorsements

(Annapolis, MD) Today the Maryland League of Conservation Voters (Maryland LCV) released its fourth round of endorsed candidates for the Maryland General Assembly and statewide offices in the 2018 state primary elections. The organization said the Senate candidate, and six House candidates are ready to lead their communities with the environment as a central issue to their campaign.

The organization has endorsed Senate candidate for Prince George’s District 26 Democrat Jamila Jaye Woods, candidate for Delegate in 1A Democrat Mike Dreisbach of Garrett & Allegany Counties, Delegate for District 1C of Allegany & Washington Counties Republican Jordan Lysczeks, Courtney Watson, a Democrat of Howard County’s District 9B Delegate, and three candidates for Anne Arundel County’s District 33 Delegates- Pam Luby, Heather Bagnall, and Tracie Hovernale.

Maryland LCV’s endorsement process is based on proven leadership on the environment for incumbents and a thorough evaluation of new candidate’s background and commitment to the environment.

“We are incredibly blessed with an immensely varied landscape of rivers, lakes and streams, bay, ocean, mountain, farm and forest. I grew up on the water; boating, fishing, crabbing, going east “down de ocean” in the summer, and west into the mountains in the fall. I have seen the harm our lack of regulation did in the past, and how great an impact our commitment has made to the sustainable future of our Chesapeake Bay and I am committed not only to being a good steward of our environmental concerns but to creating a stronger path to innovation. Good policy is comprehensive, and good environmental policy is forward thinking and I intend to the change the narrative which says we must choose between economic concerns and environmental protections.” Heather Bagnall, running for Delegate in Anne Arundel County’s District 33.

“It is a great honor to be endorsed by the Maryland League of Conservation Voters who like myself have fought very hard to protect our environment here in Maryland. We all came together to ban fracking in Maryland and I will continue to protect our environment for future generations. For me it has always been a most important cause to protect our environment.  Thanks again for the endorsement as I run for delegate in District 1A in Garrett and Allegany Counties.” Mike Dreisbach, Democrat candidate for Delegate in 1A of Garrett & Allegany Counties.

“I began my career working to promote clean energy and the conservation of our limited resources and have continued to promote sustainable environmental practices throughout my life.  Our health parallels the health of our environment and we must continually seek ways to preserve and protect it for the generations to come.  As a new State Delegate from District 33, I look forward to promoting legislation that respects and preserves our environment.” Tracie Hovernale, running for Delegate in Anne Arundel County’s District 33.

“I’m thrilled to receive the endorsement of the Maryland League of Conservation Voters.  District 33 has not had strong environmental leadership with our current Delegates.  I hope to get elected so I can change that.” Pam Luby, running for Delegate in Anne Arundel County’s District 33.

“It’s possible to protect our natural beauty & encourage economic growth, simultaneously. Western Maryland is an outdoorsman’s dream & I’m committed to keeping it that way.” Jordan Lysczeks, Republican candidate for District 1C of Allegany & Washington Counties Delegate.

“As a former council member and environmental policy maker on the county level for many years, I look forward to working with Maryland League of Conservation Voters to take decisive action to protect our environment across the state.  Addressing climate change head on, managing stormwater to improve the Chesapeake Bay, saving farmland and trees, reducing pollution of all types are issues that we are running out of time to solve.  I share a sense of urgency with members of Maryland LCV to address these challenges.” Courtney Watson of Howard County, running for Delegate in District 9B.

“Maryland becomes better when we focus on improving important issues, that will positively impact our communities long after we’re gone, now! Clean and renewable energy, including the creation of sustainable jobs from renewable sources, must become the norm. We must greatly reduce greenhouse and carbon emissions, toxic waste, challenges to the Chesapeake Bay and the water we consume and rely on for life. That’s why I’ll work hard in Annapolis to assure we continuously improve our environment.” Jamila Jaye Woods, Senate candidate for District 26 in Prince George’s County.

Before each state election, the Maryland League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Board of Directors and staff evaluate questionnaires and conduct interviews with dozens of candidates for state-wide office, including Comptroller, Attorney General, and Governor as well candidates as for the Maryland House of Delegates and Senate. In the 2018 Primary and General elections, Maryland LCV will once again campaign to elect pro-conservation candidates.

More endorsements will be released in the coming months.


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