Dan Cox Named to the LCV Victory Fund’s “Dirty Dozen” List of Worst Environmental Candidates in the Nation

Annapolis, MD — The Maryland League of Conservation Voters (MDLCV) announced that Dan Cox has been named to the LCV Victory Fund’s list of the worst candidates in the nation for our environment at the state and local level. One of just 12 candidates in the nation to receive the dishonor, Dan Cox is the only Maryland candidate to make the infamous list for 2022. 

According to the League, Maryland’s progress on environmental policies hangs in the balance. “Because the next four years will be crucial to the implementation of Maryland’s recently passed, landmark climate legislation, a Cox administration would be disastrous for Maryland,” said Maryland LCV Executive Director Kim Coble. 

Dan Cox has a 16% lifetime score from Maryland LCV, has previously denied climate science, and is running as a far-right MAGA candidate. He also sponsored three bus-loads of supporters to the “Million MAGA March,” which led to the January 6th insurrection at the US Capitol. He has a long history of paranoid and false comments about the 2020 election and is already sowing doubts about a free and fair election in 2022.

In contrast, Maryland LCV-endorsed candidate Wes Moore has committed to 100% clean energy, preserving the Chesapeake Bay, and fighting for environmental justice across the state. 

“Cox poses a fundamental threat to the future of Maryland’s environment,” said Coble. “Voters have the opportunity to instead elect Wes Moore as a solid choice to lead our state towards a sustainable economy that values our environment.”

The full list of LCV Victory Fund’s 2022 State and Local Dirty Dozen, including additional information on Cox, can be found here.