Charting Progress: Maryland General Assembly’s Environmental Commitments Showcased in 2023 Maryland LCV Scorecard

Maryland’s Climate and Energy Goals Highlighted by Legislative Victories – with Significant Number of Legislators Honored as “Green Champions”

Annapolis, MD – The Maryland League of Conservation Voters (Maryland LCV) has unveiled its 2023 Environmental Scorecard, the definitive report that evaluates the Maryland General Assembly’s performance on environmental and climate issues in the recent legislative session. The Scorecard grades accomplishments, shedding light on the state’s commitment to a climate-resilient future and its progress on state-wide climate legislation. 

Highlighting pressing environmental and climate challenges, the Scorecard grades each legislator on their votes or inaction. The Scorecard grades the actions of the House and Senate chambers on four key environmental areas. As Maryland prepares for a pivotal 2024 election, the Scorecard’s unveiling aims to guide voters in their electoral decisions. The 2023 report illuminates Maryland’s heightened commitment to our climate, generating an overall positive score for the general assembly’s actions on climate legislation this year.

This year’s legislative accomplishments have been both comprehensive and groundbreaking. The increase in Offshore Wind energy production targets is a monumental step toward a sustainable energy future, promising benefits ranging from job creation to health improvements. The Community Solar initiative, championed by Maryland LCV and its partners, provides an inclusive and permanent solar program that ensures low-income Marylanders can reap its benefits. The Forest Conservation Act, a Maryland LCV priority, will prevent forest loss and sets its sights on forest gains. The Clean Trucks Act paves the way for cleaner air and healthier communities, particularly among lower-income children, communities of color, and those living near major roadways. 

“Maryland’s journey to a more sustainable future has seen significant momentum this year,” said Maryland LCV Executive Director Kim Coble. “From the emphasis on cleaner energy sources to groundbreaking initiatives like the Clean Trucks Act, our vision for a cleaner, more equitable Maryland is becoming a reality. We want to thank the Maryland General Assembly for prioritizing the environment during the 2023 legislative session and specifically, want to thank our 12 Green Champions for their environmental leadership.” 

While the Environmental Scorecard sheds light on each legislator’s voting record, its core intent remains to ensure transparency and accountability. “Our General Assembly has shown dedication to Maryland’s environment. However, the continuing trend of environmental concerns means we cannot lose any momentum in enacting meaningful and actionable legislation,” Coble added. 

In the 2023 Environmental Scorecard, Maryland LCV honored a roster of legislators as “Green Champions”, a testament to their strong environmental voting record and leadership on climate advocacy. “Our Green Champions are symbolic of the dedication needed to build a more resilient future for all residents. Their dedication to safeguarding Maryland’s natural assets is commendable,” noted Coble. 

For a comprehensive view of the 2023 Environmental Scorecard and to understand the recently enacted legislation, visit Maryland LCV’s website at

Maryland LCV’s 2023 Legislative Environmental Scorecard summary data:

Issue areaGrade
Climate & Energy PolicyB+
Environmental JusticeB
Land & Water ConservationA

2023 Green Champions:

Malcolm AugustineSenateDistrict 47
Ben BrooksSenateDistrict 10
Sarah ElfrethSenateDistrict 30
Katie Fry HesterSenateDistrict 9
Clarence K. LamSenateDistrict 12
Karen Lewis YoungSenateDistrict 3
Jim RosapepeSenateDistrict 21
Lorig CharkoudianHouse of DelegatesDistrict 20
Luke ClippingerHouse of DelegatesDistrict 46
Terri HillHouse of DelegatesDistrict 12A
Sara LoveHouse of DelegatesDistrict 16
Lily QiHouse of DelegatesDistrict 15

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Maryland LCV uses political action and education to fight for clean water, healthy air, and a resilient climate for everyone in Maryland. Maryland LCV is known for educating lawmakers and holding them accountable for their leadership and votes on key environmental issues. Maryland LCV’s annual scorecard, along with other reports, inform voters about legislators’ records.