by Kristyn Kuhn Eckel, Annapolis

Maryland, My Maryland. I love that all within a few hours’ drive (in my all-electric car!), I can be on the beach dibbling my toes in the Atlantic Ocean, or hiking in the lush and peaceful hills in Garret County.

I adore the natural diversity you abundantly offer, Maryland. I can ski in the winter and swim in the summer. I can peep the leaves in the fall while happily scuffing through those which have fallen, and canoe across your many lakes. I can search for salamanders, hoot for owls most any evening, and wonder at coyotes and black bears.

As each season unfolds, I’m always certain it’s my favorite. Think spring with its riot of brilliant colors, flower-laden trees, and breathtaking views. The show is something to behold, and one few joys can compete with.

Maryland, you’re about perfect and the right place for me.

pictured: my husband at our place in Western Maryland.