Each Friday at noon during the 2022 Maryland General Assembly session, Maryland LCV Executive Director Kim Coble gives members a legislative update via Zoom to talk through pressing legislative issues, our strategy for the General Assembly, and potential hurdles to achieving our legislative goals for the environment.
Kim invites guests each Friday to hash through particular bills of importance to the environmental movement.
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April 8

April 15
Sine Die – getting critical environmental bills across the finish line


FRIDAY, April 1: Climate Solutions Now Act update and a game of fact or fiction on climate policy and environmental justice

Learn just what’s happening with the all-important Climate Solutions Now Act, and celebrate the first day of April – April Fools’ Day – with a game of fact or fiction on climate policy and environmental justice.

Maryland LCV’s Rebecca Rehr, Director of Climate Policy & Justice is in the host chair, joined by Deputy Executive Director Ramon Palencia-Calvo, for a deep dive on environmental justice definitions included in Climate Solutions Now and the significance of this legislation.

FRIDAY, MARCH 18: Crossover week – Status of Key Environmental Bills

Kim Coble and Political Director Kristen Harbeson dive into how all the critical environmental bills are faring in these last few weeks of the General Assembly.  Get the low-down on electric school buses, solar proposals, Justice 40, PFAS, Climate Solutions Now act, and more.

What will make it into law and what will fall by the wayside? And how will this impact you?

FRIDAY, MARCH 11: Climate Policy & Justice
Guest: our new Climate Policy and Justice Director Rebecca Rehr, who provides an update on the status of climate and justice bills still making their way through the General Assembly

FRIDAY, MARCH 4: Key climate legislation 
Guests: Senator Paul Pinsky the lead sponsor of the Climate Solutions Now Act (SB 528) and Chair of the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Senate committee. Bill Holland of national LCV, Senior Director, State Policy, Advocacy and Network-Wide Campaign

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25: Electric School Buses
Guests: Delegate David Fraser-Hidalgo and Chispa Director Ramón Palencia-Calvo

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11: Build Back Better: how Federal Funding could help Maryland achieve its climate goals
Guests: Senator Chris Van Hollen and Lobbyist Eric Gally 

February 4: PFAS and the George Walter Taylor Act
Guest: Delegate Sara Love (D) Montgomery County

January 28: Community Solar Projects
Guest: Lynn Heller of the Climate Access Fund and Kimberly Armstrong of Solar United Neighbors
HB76 / SB264, the Low- and Moderate-Income (LMI) Community Solar Tax Credit, would help Maryland address inequities and advance community solar projects for LMI households. The bill exempts projects for LMI communities from county or municipal personal property tax for community solar projects installed on rooftops, parking lots, roadways, or brownfields.

January 21: Overview of plans for the 2022 General Assembly session, what we think is coming up, and how, together, we will fight against the effects of climate change in Maryland.
Guest: Kristen Harbeson, Maryland LCV’s Political Director