Governer Hogan Demonstrates Increased Interest in the Environment

Earns MIXED Score for Environmental Record, a Slight Improvement

Maryland League of Conservation Voters Releases Report Card, Urges Progress on Climate

Annapolis, Md. (March 28, 2019) – Maryland League of Conservation Voters (Maryland LCV) gives Governor Hogan a mark of MIXED on his second environmental report card, released today.

The report card awards Hogan high marks for some policies but says significant improvement is needed in others, especially on climate change and enforcement of environmental regulations. The report card reviews Governor Hogan’s work on environmental issues across his first term of office while looking ahead to his second.

The report card credits Hogan for Maryland joining the United States Climate Alliance, the Public Service Commission’s decision to support offshore wind projects and his support for fracking ban legislation in 2017. But, it adds, the governor has failed to publicly support key pieces of climate legislation.

“The Governor ‘s performance has improved since our last report card,” said Karla Raettig, Maryland LCV’s Executive Director. “However, given the urgent need, Governor Hogan must demonstrate greater leadership and initiative on fighting climate change. The Governor advocates for bipartisan solutions, but we need him to offer and support concrete proposals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including supporting the Clean Energy Jobs Act to increase our use of renewable electricity.”

The report card also gives the Governor a mark of “Poor” for enforcement due to the Administration’s significant staff and funding reductions in this area.

“We hope, going forward, this report card will serve as a road map for partnership between Governor Hogan and the environmental community,” said Ed Hatcher, chair of Maryland LCV’’s Board. “We look forward to working together on future accomplishments during his second term.”

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