Your End of the Year Gift!

We are at a turning point. 2018 is a critical electoral year for all of us. All 188 legislators and state-wide officials are up for re-election. We saw what happened in Virginia and New Jersey, and I know that with a little hard work we can elect a pro-environment state government from top to bottom.

Not only does Maryland LCV help state and local environmental candidates get elected — we hold lawmakers accountable for their environmental performances once in office. None of this would be possible without regular people like you and me, along with thousands like us across the state, coming together to support Maryland LCV and the Conservation Voter Movement. Maryland LCV’s Environmental Scorecard is the best tool out there to see which legislators share our environmental values and which ones put special interests first.

Please take this chance to renew YOUR commitment to this important work and every donation made before December 31st will be TRIPLED by a generous donor!

If you prefer to pay by check, you will be given that option on the payment options page of this form.

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To Pay by check, please address to Maryland LCV and mail to Maryland LCV, 30 West Street Suite C, Annapolis, MD 21401

With your support, Maryland LCV is able to continue our work to hold elected officials accountable and protect our environment for future generations.

Because your contribution supports our effective legislative and political action, it is not tax deductible.

A copy of the current financial statement of Maryland League of Conservation Voters is available by writing Maryland LCV, 30 West Street Suite C, Annapolis MD 21401 or by calling (410) 280-9855. Documents and information submitted under the Maryland Solicitations Act are also available, for the cost of postage and copies, from the Maryland Secretary of State, State House, Annapolis MD 21401, (410) 974-5534.