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The climate crisis requires action at all levels, especially local and regional levels, to build resilience and reduce emissions. This panel brings together community leaders for a discussion of the most effective ways to promote meaningful climate action locally. Panelists will share examples of successful approaches used in the University of Maryland Baltimore, Baltimore City, the State of Maryland, and the university campus town of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and provide some ways in which we all can work together to protect our communities.


  • Angela Ober, Senior Sustainability & Effectiveness Specialist, Facilities & Operations, University of Maryland Baltimore
    Title: Update from the UMB Office of Sustainability
  • Amanda Phillips de Lucas, Executive Director, Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance
    Title:Lessons from Building Community Sourced Environmental Data Sets
  • Elliot Weidow, Managing Director, Baltimore Tree Trust
    Title: Case Studies in Urban Forestry -Baltimore Tree Trust
  • Rebecca Rehr, Director of Climate Policy & Justice, Maryland League of Conservation Voters;
    Title: Community Engagement & Climate Policy
  • Quinton Zondervan, Past Councilor, City of Cambridge, Massachusetts
    Title: Fighting climate change and injustice through building electrification

Shiladitya DasSarma, Professor, School of Medicine & Karin Russ, Assistant
Professor, School of Nursing, University of Maryland Baltimore
Contacts: sdassarma@som.umaryland.edu; kruss@umaryland.edu
Supported by a grant from Transform MidAtlantic-Eastern Region Campus Consortium