Maryland LCV is delighted that the following lawmakers, legislators, and people in politics planned to attend 2022 Changemakers, our 21st annual signature event. Please join us in thanking the following for their support of Maryland LCV in our mission to create a healthy, more resilient environment for everyone in Maryland. 

WES MOORE, Democratic Candidate for Maryland Governor

  PAUL KONKA, Delegate Candidate, District 42A, Baltimore County

DAWN GILE, Senate Candidate, District 33, Anne Arundel County


  U.S. Senator BEN CARDIN

  Delegate ERIC G. LUEDTKE, District 14, Montgomery County, House Majority Leader

  Delegate DANA M. STEIN, District 11, Baltimore County

   District 19 General Assembly Team: Senator BEN KRAMER, Delegates BONNIE CULLISON, CHARLOTTE CRUTCHFIELD, & VAUGHN STEWART 

   District 15 General Assembly Team: Senator BRIAN FELDMAN, Delegates LINDA FOLEY, DAVID FRASER-HIDALGO, & LILY QI

♥   JOHN OLSZEWSKI Jr., Baltimore County Executive

♥   Delegate SAMUEL (SANDY) ROSENBERG, District 41, Baltimore City

  LISA BRANNIGAN RODVEIN, Chair, Anne Arundel County Council

  Senator PAUL PINSKY, District 22, Prince George’s County

  Delegate REGINA T. BOYCE, District 43, Baltimore City

  Delegate BENJAMIN BROOKS, District 10, Baltimore County

♥  Delegate MICHELE GUYTON, District 42B, Baltimore County

Delegate CATHI FORBES, District 42A, Baltimore County

  Delegate MAGGIE McINTOSH, District 43, Baltimore City

  Senator CHERYL KAGAN, District 17, Montgomery County

   District 16 General Assembly Team: Senator SUSAN LEE, Delegates ARIANA KELLY, MARC KORMAN, & SARA LOVE

   Senator CRAIG  ZUCKER, District 14, Montgomery County

   Delegate TONY BRIDGES, District 41, Baltimore City


President of Senate BILL FERGUSON, District 46, Baltimore City

House Speaker ADRIENNE JONES, District 10, Baltimore County

Delegate JAZZ LEWIS, District 24, Prince George’s County

Delegate BROOKE LIERMAN, District 46, Baltimore City

Delegate HEATHER BAGNALL, District 33, Anne Arundel County

Council Vice-President SHARON GREEN MIDDLETON, District 6, Baltimore City

Delegate SHEILA RUTH, District 44B,  Baltimore County

Delegate JIM GILCHRIST, District 17, Montgomery County