We can’t afford to wait any longer for climate action

Everyone has the right to breathable air, clean water, and healthy communities. And all of these are linked to the climate crisis here in Maryland.

Every year that we wait to take action against climate change, is less time we have to reverse its terrible effects.  We are experiencing a climate crisis — and greenhouse gas emissions are causing this crisis. Maryland is especially vulnerable to climate change. Floods and extreme weather events, such as heat waves and heavy storms are happening at an ever-increasing pace. We need to take action NOW!

That’s why we’ve launched the #WhyNow campaign. 

Why Now- Share your story on why we need climate action now

Why Now- Share your story on why we need climate action now

Share with us your #WhyNow story and tell your story about why we need climate action NOW.

  • Write a short paragraph about why you believe the state needs to take strong actions to fight climate change NOW 
  • Send us a picture or video (no longer than 300 seconds) of your inspiration and/ story here. 

Think about the following questions as you write your story:

  • Why is taking action to combat the climate crisis important to you, your family, and your community?
  • How would you like your elected officials to lead the way in combating this crisis? What challenges do you think are in the way of solving it?
  • Your audience is our elected officials and your community. Tell your story so that it speaks to them. 
  • What visuals help describe your story?
  • Whatever your message is, clarity and specificity will help you in telling your story.

And when you are done, please share with us your social media handles and we will tag you if we use your story in our campaign. #WhyNow #ClimateSolutionsNow

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Thank you for participating, we look forward to hearing your story!