Voter Registration Couch Party

Together with Baltimore’s Mobtown Ballroom we hosted a Voter Registration Couch Party on September 2nd to answer all your questions about the 2020 Elections.

To protect and enhance our environment, we must have a free, fair, and safe election where voters’—all voters’— voices are heard and champions are elected that reflect our conservation values over the interests of those who would pave our forests and eliminate environmental protections.

This event will featured an exclusive set by Life on Planets (dance beats from the Baltimore streets to the Caribbean islands); a hilarious history lesson by Maryland State Delegate, Pat Young; Democracy Test Kitchen by our own Kristen Harbeson; the usual shenanigans from Mobtown Ballroom crew (Abby Becker, Hannah Lane, Matthew Reid, Michael Seguin, and Sarah Sullivan); and tons of cameos from locals explaining #whyIvote.

Check out the video here: