Thank you to Chair Maggie McIntosh

From our Executive Director, Kim Coble:

Kim Coble and Chair McIntosh at our 2013 Environmental Leadership Awards (now Changemakers) dinner where we awarded Chair McIntosh with 2013 Legislator of the Year.

Maryland LCV would like to acknowledge and thank Chair McIntosh for her 30 years of public service.  We have had the honor or working closely with Chair McIntosh and appreciate her leadership on many issues, especially those related to the environment.  There is no doubt our air is healthier, our Bay is cleaner and our communities more resilient because of Chair McIntosh’s commitment to improving Maryland’s natural resources.  We wish her the best and on behalf of our staff, board, members and all of Maryland’s critters – Thank you, Maggie!

From our Political Director, Kristen Harbeson:

Maggie is a giant. Her accomplishments will forever mark her as one of the Greats. But more important she is a good person – one of the best. She teaches those around her what it is to lead with compassion, kindness, civility, fairness, and grace – as well as strategy, intellect, humor, and dedication. How hard work is the best work. How persistence is paramount. How to lead by always, always putting people and service above all. I am immeasurably better for my time with her, for getting to watch her work from close-in, but I am equally inspired by how she lives her life with love, joy and relentless curiosity, valuing family and friends above all. I am so glad to have been able to call her my friend, as well as an inspiration. Thank you, Maggie, for everything.