Together with the Maryland General Assembly, you supported your legislators in championing the renewal and expansion of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act and the Clean Energy Jobs Act this last 2016 legislative session.

“I’m honored to be the recipient of the 2016 Legislator of the Year Award from the Maryland League of Conservation Voters. Thank you for standing together with me and with your neighbors in support of this important cause. Maryland, and in particular Baltimore, has some of the worst air quality on the East Coast and these legislative wins are moving our state in the right direction. Protecting air quality and improving the environmental health of all Baltimoreans will always be my top priority, as will continuing to work with my State colleagues to advance the cause for all Marylanders. We’re all in this together.” Senator Catherine Pugh, pictured right, on the importance of climate action.

Will you join me and my co-workers at Maryland League of Conservation Voters on October 13th to celebrate these climate victories?

Maryland has met its existing renewable energy standard every year since the RPS program was first implemented in 2005. Maryland now ranks among the top solar states in the nation. Plummeting solar and wind prices and abundant, untapped renewable assets—from sunny rooftops to blustery Eastern Shore farmland—position the state to easily achieve a higher goal. Collectively, Maryland’s policies to address climate change are expected to create 26,000 to 33,000 new jobs and grow wages by tens of billions of dollars by 2020, according to state data.

Maryland needs to increase our renewable energy standard to 25 percent while putting in place funding to increase the diversity of business owners and workers. The Clean Energy Jobs Act will give more Marylanders the opportunity to thrive in the growing clean technology sector and put us, on the forefront of clean energy development.

Thank you for your support of climate action, now join me at the Environmental Leadership Awards dinner on October 13th for a celebration of all our hard work>>

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Kristen Harbeson

Political Director

Maryland LCV