The Anne Arundel County Council has seven members. It takes a majority of four votes to pass any bill, including any bill to protect our environment.

The Anne Arundel Chapter has endorsed seven candidates for the County Council. We are confident that, if elected, they will give Annapolis a strong conservation majority on the Council. Now we have to get them elected.

This is the latest in a series of weekly emails that focus on one candidates each week. This week we will introduce you to Scott MacMullan, a Democrat running for County Council District 6 to replace Chris Trumbauer who is term limited. District 6 includes The Annapolis peninsula Sherwood Forest and Crownsville. Find your County Council District here.

The Chesapeake Bay is under tremendous stress due to excessive amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment pollution. This stress is exacerbated by climate change. In District 6 we need to start acting as if tomorrow matters—and take a sustainable approach—by fighting for stormwater restoration projects, fighting to conserve our forests and fighting against unfettered development on the Annapolis Neck Peninsula.  

As a native Annapolitan, growing up sailing the little bathtub boats, Optimist Prams, on the Severn River, I saw first-hand how pollution affects our health, welfare and our economy. Every day during the summer as a child, I would pull my boat out of the water and there would be a yellow scum ring around the waterline of the boat that I would wash off. In law school, I wrote an article about the Chesapeake Bay and climate change, and I quoted this young riverkeeper named Chris Trumbauer in that article. Inspired by Councilman Trumbauer, I have followed his career since and want to build on his environmental legacy.

I am running for District 6 on the Anne Arundel County Council because I am committed to public service and want to improve people’s lives in my hometown. Indeed, I am fed up with how the County’s plan for development (the General Development Plan) is routinely not followed to the detriment of the people and their communities. Serving in a variety of capacities to our community, including working for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and being a member of the Scenic Rivers Land Trust Board, I have the depth and breadth of experience to be an environmental advocate for the people. As an environmental leader, I stand ready to guide the entire community into a prosperous future, work through any differences and to bring our community together. 


You can find out how to get more involved in this campaign at or Scott MacMullan for County Council on Facebook.