The Annapolis City Council has nine members, including the Mayor. It takes a majority of five votes to pass any bill, including any bill to protect our environment.

The AA Chapter has endorsed six candidates for the City Council, including the mayor. We are confident, if elected, they will give Annapolis a strong conservation majority on the Council. Now we have to get them elected.

This is the sixth in a series that focus on one of those candidates. In this edition we will introduce you to the current Mayor of Annapolis, Mike Pantelides.

Mike Pantelides

Mike Pantelides is a lifelong Annapolitan. Earning the rank of Eagle Scout at the age of 17, he developed a love, care and sense of stewardship for the environment at an early age. As Mayor, he has carried that same devotion.  He has worked to stop oversized development such as the original proposal at Crystal Springs.  For the first time in the history of Annapolis and under Mayor Pantelides’ leadership, Program Open Space money was used to purchase land slated for development.  During his time in office, his administration has supported and passed a Forest Conservation Act as well as a No-Net Loss Ordinance that required any removal of trees to be replaced by new trees.  Also under his administration, an Adequate Public Facilities ordinance was passed.  This assured that public schools, roads, sewers, water for fire fighting, police and rescue response times are in concert with development and wouldn’t cause unneeded stress on our community for the sake of development.  

Mike believes that Annapolis must take the lead role in environmental protection and responsibility.  In today’s day and age, Mike realized that we must look to new and innovative ways to for renewable energy in partnership with private companies.  It is under his leadership that Annapolis will be breaking ground soon on the Renewable Energy Park.  This park will be the largest of it’s kind in the Nation, on a closed landfill producing clean and environmentally friendly energy for the city.   Not only will this park be environmentally friendly but it will also make the city money to the tune of  $4 million.  


Mike’s administration has put our Quality of life first by ensuring that we as a community remain environmentally responsible.  If you would like to learn more about him, get involved in his campaign or make a contribution please visit his website