Through his budget powers, veto authority and horse trading, the county executive has a significant influence over the work of the county council. While the current county executive has done some good things for the environment like preserving open space and enhancing public access to waterways, he has also encouraged an accelerated pace of development that has harmed the environment and out quality of life. That is why we have endorsed Steuart Pittman for county executive.
This is the last in our series of emails introducing you to our endorsed candidates for county council and county executive for the 2018 elections.
Steuart Pittman was raised in a family that took preservation and responsible land stewardship very seriously. They have preserved for perpetuity a 500-acre tract in south county, the majority of which is forest.
As a community organizer in Chicago, Steuart protested hazardous waste storage that was leaching cyanide into groundwater adjacent to public housing. As Maryland Horse Council president, he created a vibrant and progressive farm stewardship committee. As a board member of the Anne Arundel County Soil Conservation District he brought farmers and environmental advocates together to promote responsible management practices. 
“This is not about politics,” he says. “It’s about passing on land and water to the next generation in better condition than we found it. That is our obligation as human beings.”
Steuart has pledged as county executive to bring communities together around a General Development Plan for the next eight years that manages growth in a way that is fiscally and environmentally sustainable. He has pledged to work toward a no-net-loss forest conservation plan, and to aggressively enforce stormwater management, critical area, and septic laws. He will conduct an audit of recent development in the county to measure the long-term costs and benefits to taxpayers and the environment. That data will guide future planning.


You can find out how to get more involved in this campaign how to contribute here: or on Facebook at: pittmanforpeople. Join Steuart and his sister Polly for a wine fundraiser on June 9th at Polly’s spectacular Vineyards at Dodon.