Maryland League of Conservation Voters Endorses Katie O’Malley for Attorney General

(Annapolis, MD) – The Maryland League of Conservation Voters today endorsed Katie Curran O’Malley for Maryland Attorney General. The group said it is excited to back a candidate who brings decades of judicial experience to this key statewide position. 

“In her interviews with Maryland LCV, Katie O’Malley demonstrated a commitment to enforcement related to climate change, environmental justice, and the Chesapeake Bay” said Maryland League of Conservation Voters Executive Director Kim Coble. 

O’Malley has significant and current legal experience with 20 years on the District Court bench following 10 years as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Baltimore County. Coble said the Maryland LCV interview committee felt that this experience would be crucial as it relates to environmental enforcement and effectively managing an office of several hundred attorneys responsible for environmental litigation at all levels in the courts, as well as in reviewing regulations, negotiating agreements, and overseeing eighteen different legal divisions.

“Katie O’Malley’s active engagement with the environmental community during her campaign supports her articulated goal of building strong partnerships with stakeholders,” said Lynn Heller, Chair of the Maryland League of Conservation Voters. “We are excited to work with her to put our shared ideals to work across the state. At the same time, we honor and are enormously grateful to Congressman Anthony Brown for his long career of public service and commitment to the state of Maryland, and we appreciate Jim Shalleck’s participation in our interview process and his bipartisan approach to governance and protecting the environment.” 

Upon receiving the endorsement, Katie Curran O’Malley said, “Maryland LCV is a key political voice of the environment in Maryland, and I am humbled to receive their endorsement. As Attorney General, I will fight to make clean air, clean land, clean water, and clean energy the environmental legacy we leave our children and grandchildren.”

Her top three priorities, Curran added, “will be to protect the environment, including the Chesapeake Bay, and public health for all Maryland citizens; hold polluters accountable; and ensure that Maryland meets and exceeds its commitments for emissions reductions and clean energy production.”

Maryland LCV’s endorsement process is based on proven leadership on the environment for incumbents and a thorough evaluation of each new candidate’s background and commitment to the environment. Before each state election, the Maryland League of Conservation Voters (Maryland LCV) Board of Directors and staff evaluate questionnaires and conduct interviews with dozens of candidates for statewide office, including Comptroller, Attorney General, and Governor, as well as candidates for the Maryland House of Delegates and Senate. 

“Electing a pro-conservation General Assembly and statewide leadership is critical to protecting Maryland’s environment,” said Maryland LCV’s Kim Coble. “Maryland LCV’s endorsements, our investments, and the engagement of our supporters will play a key role in winning these races. In 2018, over 85% of candidates endorsed by Maryland LCV won their general election races.”

In the 2022 elections, Maryland LCV will once again campaign to elect pro-conservation candidates. The organization will release additional endorsements in the coming weeks.


Maryland League of Conservation Voters is a statewide, nonpartisan organization that uses political action and education to protect our  land, air, water, and communities. The organization is known for educating lawmakers and holding them accountable for their leadership and votes on key environmental issues. Maryland LCV’s annual scorecard, along with their other reports, help inform voters about their legislators’ records.