Maryland LCV Statement: WV v. EPA Decision

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States narrowed the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate climate pollution under the Clean Air Act. In response, Maryland League of Conservation Voters (Maryland LCV) issued the following statement from Executive Director Kim Coble:

The importance and urgency of Maryland’s actions to fight climate change went up dramatically today. The Supreme Court’s decision ignores the obvious connection between carbon dioxide emissions and climate change, siding with polluters and turning a blind eye to increased risks to our health, our economy, our communities, and our families.  It is a sad day for us but more so for the next generation.

 The Supreme Court’s misguided decision particularly threatens the health and livelihood of low-income people of color who are bearing the brunt of climate change and are often exposed to higher levels of air pollution, toxic hazards, and other contaminants.

 Maryland LCV and its supporters will continue to push to implement our state’s landmark climate legislation, and to fight for equitable clean energy policies that lower costs for families and protect our health and environment. Additionally, we urge Congress to respond and pass $555 billion in investments in climate, jobs, and justice to protect our environment and our health. We cannot afford to backtrack on actions to combat the climate crisis.