No doubt about it, LIFE is TOO FULL. Three (teenage) boys, running my own architectural business, keeping the home ‘presentable’, much needed exercise, eating right, and maybe even some quiet time for myself. When DO I get to spend time with my husband, Lance? Thankfully, Lance and I share more than just a passion for each other – but also a passion for our environments.

We are both architects, having met and married while at Mississippi State School of Architecture. Our relationship developed through our desire to shape our built environment. But, most importantly today, we are able to share our passion for our natural environment through our roles on the boards of Maryland LCV and Maryland LCV Education Fund, respectively.

We decided to move to Maryland not only for the career opportunities, but also because we fell in love with Maryland’s diverse natural landscapes which we knew would be great for raising our family.

As busy as life can be – I make a particular effort to enjoy the wonderful landscapes that Maryland has to offer. In our hometown of Edgewater, I especially love boating and rafting up Harness Creek. Biking with the Boy Scouts leads to trails of mud in the woods or paths around BWI Airport. We love camping at the beach for LAX tournaments.

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Being architects, we have an insider view into the impact of design and construction. Lance and I feel strongly that if we don’t design sustainably to protect our parks and other natural environments, they are at risk of disappearing before our grandchildren have the opportunity to enjoy wonderful times such as we have with our children. As a Democratic voter, the conversations can often get lively with my Republican husband. One thing that we always agree on is the importance of conservation and sustainability. The environment is not a partisan issue. The health of our air, land, and water affect all Marylanders across the political spectrum. That’s one of the reasons I was drawn to support Maryland LCV.

When we were invited to join the boards of Maryland LCV and Maryland LCV Education Fund, we had no hesitations, as we could see the impact that the dedicated team of hard-working individuals was having to protect our natural resources. We saw that advocating for the best environmental policies is the best way to ensure a sustainable future for all Marylanders.

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The actions taken in Annapolis impact every part of our state. They can protect our farms, forests, rivers, beaches, and lakes – or allow for further harm. It’s up to us to make sure our legislators represent our values in protecting our air, land, water, and public health. Our three boys are the reason we work so hard to protect our state and make sure there is clean air to breathe, clean water for them to drink (and swim in), and wonderful parks for them to enjoy.

We love Maryland and we know you do, too. From the beaches on the Eastern Shore, to the marshes in Southern Maryland, the sprawling farms in Northern Maryland, our bustling historic towns, to the mountains in the west, it’s not hard to find something for everyone in our wonderful state.

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Thanks for your support, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Melanie Hartwig-Davis, AIA, LEED AP, Board Member

Maryland League of Conservation Voters