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When I started at Maryland LCV as an intern in 2009, my main motivation was my passion for the environment and my faith in our democratic representative system to elect leaders who reflect good values of their constituents. Now, eight years later along with dedication to my work at Maryland LCV, I am a co-homeowner, wife, and mother to a wonderful four-year old and my main motivation is to protect my family. Which includes their health and our environment. I know the  most effective way to do that is to elect and keep pro-conservation elected officials in office.

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Because of your support, Maryland LCV is able to ensure our elected leaders represent your environmental values. I’m so grateful to live in Maryland where we’ve made incredible progress on the environment this past legislative session thanks to the conservation leaders that we support. I know that because of dedicated supporters and activists like you, my son Dean (pictured to the right) will be able to grow up in a Maryland we can all be proud of.

For Dean,

Dannielle Lipinski, Communications and Outreach Manager

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