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We build partnerships with hundreds of organizations to implement effective policy change for Maryland’s land and water. We work everyday to ensure we implement sound policies on the local, state and federal level that protect us from floods and ensure everyone in Maryland has clean water to drink, explore, and enjoy.

Farmers want to live in healthy communities and that includes a healthy Chesapeake Bay and clean water. They depend on clean water for crops, livestock, and for their own families. Elected officials who support Maryland agriculture should also support efforts to restore the Chesapeake Bay and clean water.
Close up photo looking into a bushel basket of blue crabsThe Maryland seafood industry annually provides approximately $600 million to the state’s economy. Fish depend on clean water and healthy Bay habitats. Maryland prides itself on healthy seafood production, including blue crabs, oysters, striped bass, and more. No one wants to eat a crab cake from crabs that lived in impaired waterways. Representatives who support our watermen also need to support Bay cleanup and the fight for clean water.
Close up view looking at an Business owners are invested in their communities. They and their employees want to live, work, and play in healthy communities. Legislators who support Maryland’s business community must also support environmental restoration efforts and clean water protections.
Tourists walking down the boardwalk in Ocean City, MDMaryland’s tourism is strengthened by a healthy Chesapeake Bay and its watershed. In 2018, tourists spent $18 billion in Maryland. The Chesapeake Bay and Maryland’s many rivers and streams are among the state’s top attractions. Elected officials who support Maryland’s tourism must also support continued efforts to restore the Bay and protect our rivers, streams, and forests.

The Maryland Conservation League of Voters is dedicated to supporting clean waters and a healthy Bay via our current focus on the Oyster Restoration Sanctuary Veto Override, Septic bills, & Styrofoam and Plastics

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