2022 Comprehensive Climate Legislation

Achieving net-zero emissions by 2045 while protecting impacted communities. Download the FACT SHEET here!



  • Advance truck electrification (HB829/SB687)
  • School bus  electrification  (HB696/SB948)
  • Ensure equity analyses guide  public transportation policy by passing the Transportation Equity Act (HB141/SB23)
  • Support MTA workers by  passing the Zero Emission Bus  Transition Act  (HB10/SB61)
  • Study the creation of  a Baltimore Regional  Transportation Authority  (HB1366)


  • Invest in an equitable and clean  electricity grid by passing the  GRID Act  (HB88/SB525)
  • Connect low- and moderate-income consumers to  solar energy by passing tax  incentives  (HB76/SB264)


  • Pass a Building Emissions  Performance Standard  that reduces energy use &  transitions large buildings  (including schools) to net-zero by 2040  (SB528/HB806
  • Require new  construction to be all-electric by 2023  (SB528/HB831)
  • Set energy savings goals for  low-income households  (SB528/HB806)
  • Require all new K-12 schools to  be net-zero or net-zero ready  (SB528)
  • Disallow use of state matching  funds for the installation of fossil  fuel energy systems in new and  existing K-12 schools  (HB365)
  • Require state procurement of  concrete to use green concrete (HB806)
  • Require 4-year colleges &  universities to be carbon  neutral by 2035 with interim  goals and carbon offsetting  restricts and to establish an Environmental & Economic Justice Scholarship Fund  (HB729/SB471)

Centering Justice  and Equity 

Include “Justice 40” language in all allocation of federal & state monies and give a greater voice to the environmental justice community in the implementation of these goals. (HB1033)