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House Speaker Michael E. Busch


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Governor O'Malley Speaks at National LCV Dinner



Karla Raettig, Governor O'Malley,
National LCV Director Gene Karpinski,
and Scott Nathan

On June 6th, we had the pleasure of showing off our great Governor O'Malley in front of the national League of Conservation Voters dinner.  Ourstate is one of the leaders in environmental causes and it was our pleasure to see him speak on our issues and our state.

Click here for his speech, please take a look and be inspired!


ICC traffic increasing slightly; ad campaign trying to lure more

Washington Examiner
By Kytja Weir
May 9, 2011 

The InterCounty Connector is attracting just more than half the flow of vehicles that state officials project for the roadway after the first two months of charging tolls.

Read more: ICC traffic increasing slightly; ad campaign trying to lure more


Nitrogen and Phosphorus Levels Appear Down in Bay Watershed

May 10, 2011
By Marty Madden

The latest data available on nitrogen and phosphorus loads in the Chesapeake Bay's tributaries has given the estuary's stewards hope that their restoration strategy is on target.

Read more: Nitrogen and Phosphorus Levels Appear Down in Bay Watershed


Trash incineration isn't renewable energy

Baltimore Sun
By Brenda Platt
May 10, 2011

A growing coalition of environmentalists, public health advocates and sustainable businesses including renewable energy companies and composters are urging Gov. Martin O'Malley to veto legislation that would qualify trash incineration as a "Tier 1" renewable energy source on par with solar and wind - and rightly so. The bill on Mr. O'Malley's desk would be disastrous for advancing the state's top waste-management priorities - reduce, reuse and recycle - and legitimate renewable energy.

Read more: Trash incineration isn't renewable energy


Fracking Moratorium Deal Under Discussion

Hometown Annapolis
By David Saleh Rauf
April 9, 2011

ANNAPOLIS - Compromises on a bill that would create a temporary moratorium on natural gas drilling in Western Maryland's Marcellus Shale formation are being hammered out in a series of closed-door meetings.

Read more: Fracking Moratorium Deal Under Discussion


Maryland offshore wind proponents turn to 2012

By Scott Dance
April 8, 2011

Proponents of a Maryland offshore wind project, including Gov. Martin O'Malley, pledged to renew debate in Annapolis in 2012 a day after legislative leaders said they would not act on the issue this year.

Read more: Maryland offshore wind proponents turn to 2012


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