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" They are very well-organized, and they are a well-thought-out group of individuals who are going to make sure their concerns are heard. "

House Speaker Michael E. Busch

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There are many ways for concerned citizens like to get involved and help protect and restore our our precious natural environment. Whether you are age 8 or 80, you can take action to protect our air, water, open space, and public health! Here are a just few ways we suggest for you to take an active role to protect our environment:

1) Learn more about environmental challenges and issues
An informed advocate is an effective advocate! Read about the what happened in past sessions of the General Assembly here.

2) Visit the Maryland LCV Online Action Center
Sign up today to receive e-mail updates that make it easy for you to stay on top of the issues and to take action to protect Maryland's environment!

3) Learn Your Legislators' Score!
Read our Maryland General Assembly Scorecards to see who is voting for the environment and who isn't!

4) Contact Your Legislators
Your legislators need to hear from you! Let your elected officials know that you care about Maryland's environment and expect them to be responsible stewards.

5) Write a Letter to the Editor
A great way to get attention for environmental issues is to take your message to your local paper with a letter to the editor.
Write a letter today!

6) Support the Maryland LCV
We depend upon the generous support of conservation-minded individuals like you. Join the Maryland League of Conservation Voters today to make sure your representatives are as concerned about preserving Maryland's quality of life as you are!

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