2017 Environmental Priorities

January 11th began the 2017 Maryland General Assembly Session. Working with our statewide environmental organizations and partners, we are focusing on four main priorities:

  • In conjunction with the statewide Maryland Climate Coalition and legislative champions in both the Senate and House of Delegates, we are working to override Governor Hogan’s veto of the Clean Energy Jobs Act, a bill ensuring that Maryland gets 25% of its electricity from renewable energy sources like wind and solar by 2020.
  • Additionally, we have prioritized banning hydraulic fracturing in the state, a practice that has been linked to disastrous water and air pollution along with serious public health hazards.
  • We are also lending our support to limiting the non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in livestock to stop the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria. These bacteria sicken millions of Americans every year and kill tens of thousands. We will also be working on banning Styrofoam statewide. This would be mean no establishment or institution can serve on Styrofoam materials, including restaurants and bans the sale Styrofoam containers or packaging peanuts.
  • We additionally join with our partners to protect smart growth policies related to septics regulations in reaction to the Governor’s statement this summer on rolling back on Chesapeake Bay restoration.

​Along with these environmental community priorities, Maryland LCV is also working on a sytrofoam ban as well. 

Each week, Maryland LCV presents the "Hot List" - a detailed list of environmental legislation moving through the Maryland General Assembly. Usually, our volunteers will deliver the Hot List to your office every Tuesday; it will also be emailed to every legislator. To sign up for the weekly Hotlist, email

Hotlist Week of February 14th

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