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In Their Words …
" Keeper of political scorecards on environmental votes, this small but feisty group actually endorses candidates who might be good for green causes. Its small staff proves that you don't need a huge budget to make a difference. Still, more money couldn't hurt. "

Chesapeake Life Magazine

Anne Arundel

Early Endorsements for County Offices

The Chapter Steering Committee has given early endorsements to the following candidates based on their positive positions on the environment:

• For County Executive, Democrat George Johnson

• For County Council District four, Democrat Scott Hymes

• For County Council District Six, Democrat Chris Trumbauer

Please support these candidates who will be significant allies in our fight for a cleaner environment in Anne Arundel County. And stay tuned for additional endorsements for the general elections.

Read the press release here

Read more: Early Endorsements for County Offices


Anne Arundel Elected Officials Performance Report Card

The Maryland League of Conservation Voters Anne Arundel Chapter's newly released performance report card shows a slight improvement in the County Council's environmental efforts over the past two years.

The Chapter based its report card on the stormwater restoration fund intended to reduce polluted runoff, updates to the Critical Areas law, solar energy legislation and a bill to reduce pesticides usage on county property.

Check out the Scorecard here.

And read the press release here.


Local Stormwater Legislation—at Last


Bear Creek Before Restoration
Bear Creek After Restoration

A local revenue stream is essential if we are going to clean up our streams and meet Federal requirements for pollution reduction. It is not only unrealistic to expect funding from other government sources, but local funding is needed to finance bond funds to allow early, concentrated action to fix the problems. We are disappointed that so many of our elected officials and candidates for office are failing to demonstrate leadership on this issue that is so critical to quality of life in Anne Arundel.

Over half the streams in Anne Arundel County are severely degraded and, as a result, dump tons of sediment into our rivers with every big rainfall. This bill will provide the resources to begin restoring these streams to their natural biological function as stormwater runoff filters.

This law will generate more than $20 million annually for restoration activities generated by reasonable fees on all landowners.

Recent opposition to the stormwater fees includes:

Steve Schuh, State Delegate and Republican candidate for County Executive, has called for reducing all fees to $1 and paying for stormwater improvements with existing county funds. He and Delegate Brian Simmonaire have vowed to work to overturn the State enabling law in January.

County Councilman Daryl Jones, recently returned to the Council after a prison sentence for tax irregularities, has introduced a bill to reduce all fees to $1 annually effectively eliminating funds for watershed restoration.

County Executive Laura Neuman has expressed her dissatisfaction with the existing legislation which she vetoed and suggests that he Federal Government should pick up the cost of improvements.

Please urge your councilman to resist any further efforts to reduce or eliminate the restoration fund.

Read more here


Speak Up! Let Your County Councilman Hear from YOU!

Ballot BoxCounty Council representatives depend on your votes and they will respond to your views--if they hear them.  Important issues are coming up this year in the Council, including Critical Area and Stormwater Restoration legislation.  On this page we will try to keep you informed of what is happening in the Council.  It's your job to let your councilman know what's important to you.  To find out how....

Read more: Speak Up! Let Your County Councilman Hear from YOU!


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