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Pat Yourself on the Back!

Since the Anne Arundel Chapter was launched in 2010 our top priority has been putting in place a fund dedicated to remediating contaminated stormwater runoff. After years of intense effort, the County Council, in 2013, enacted the Watershed Protection and Restoration Fund. A Veto by then County Executive Laura Neuman was overridden by the Council.

During 2015, opponents on the Council and newly elected County Executive Steve Schuh made repeated efforts to gut or repeal the law. Over 40 residents turned out in April to speak against repeal of the laws and there were many speakers in May for the final vote against the bill to reduce fees. All three bills went down to defeat by a 4-3 vote. We do not expect any further efforts at repeal this year.

The money raised by the restoration fee, and the bond financing the fee supports have already been put to good use restoring streams and other stormwater treatment facilities around the county. This could not have happened without your support. For more details on the storm water wars, click on the Updates Page.

While stormwater has been our highest priority, there are numerous other issues that we are engaged on. Please see our Issues page to learn more.

We continue to monitor the proceedings of the County Council and the actions of the County Executive. Watch for our first report card on the new County Council and the County Executive to be released in the Spring of 2016.

Speak Up! Let Your County Councilman Hear from YOU!

County Council representatives depend on your votes and they will respond to your views--if they hear them.  Important issues are coming up this year in the Council, including Critical Area and Stormwater Restoration legislation.  On this page we will try to keep you informed of what is happening in the Council.  It's your job to let your councilman know what's important to you.  To find out how....

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