Anne Arundel Chapter Issues



Waterway Pollution

We will continue to defend and support the waterway Restoration Fund which is dedicated to storm water damage mitigation. We support an increased capital budget for storm water management. Bond issue funding and tax credits for storm water mitigation are also encouraged. We support measures to inspect and increase the effectiveness of septic systems and to connect existing septic systems to sewage treatment plants where economically feasible. We support reasonable restrictions on the use of fertilizer including the spreading of human and animal waste and on toxic pesticides.

Smart Growth and Land Use

We believe that comprehensive rezoning legislation and amendments should be consistent with the General Development Plan and Small Area Plans. We, generally, will not challenge rezoning amendments that are supported by the Planning Office. We are in favor of alignment of infrastructure spending with smart growth principles. We strongly discourage introduction of rezoning amendments outside of the established process, i.e. amendments that Planning and Zoning did not have an opportunity to review. We participate in the efforts of the Alliance for Livable Communities to bring greater transparency and public participation to the development of the 2019 General Development Plan.

Alternative Energy & Energy Efficiency

We support tax credits and other incentives for citizens and business to increase energy efficiency and to produce and use alternative energy.


We support encouraging and requiring business recycling.

Reducing Air Pollution

We support increasing the number of energy efficient vehicles in the county fleet.

Budget for Environmental Issues

We oppose budget cuts for environmental programs including open space, adequate resources for environmental inspection and enforcement programs and capital appropriations for sewage treatment plants, storm water management, etc.

Public Access to Waterways and Recreation

We support greater public access waterways, especially county-owned properties on the water, and the acquisition of additional properties by the county for purposes of public recreation.

Toxic Chemicals

We support legislation to protect residents from the harmful effects of toxic pesticides.

Transparency/Accountability in Government

We strongly support publishing all bill amendments prior to a vote and affording the public the right to offer testimony on any amendment which has not previously been open for public debate. We support publishing the votes on all amendments on the County website. We support posting zoning maps on the County website and televising Board of Appeals hearings.